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2021 Calgary Colts Schedule

Our schedule is now official with our first league game at home on Aug 22nd vs the Edmonton Wildcats.  We have completed our first tryout camp and will host the second camp beginning on Friday July 23rd.  It will be at Hellard Field, Shouldice Park.  Once the final roster is chosen our Main Camp will begin on Aug. 3rd.  In order to participate you must be registered, agree to follow AHS Covid protocols, you or your guardian (if under 18) must sign the waiver and pay your $75.00 fee.  Although it is not compulsory, we strongly urge players to get vaccinated now that it is available.

Calgary Colts Schedule:                                                                                         
Try Out Camp # 2 (Invitation Only) → July 23, 24, 25                   
Main Camp → Aug. 3
Tryout Camp #2 Schedule
Thursday, July 22
  • 6:00   Draw Equipment
Friday, July 23
  • 5:00   Registration
  • 6:00    O/D Meeting
  • 7:00    Practice
Saturday, July 24
  • 9:00    O/D Meetings
  • 9:45    Early Outs
  • 10:00 Practice
  • 2:00   O/D Meetings
  • 2:45   Early Outs
  • 3:00   Practice
Sunday, July 25
  • 9:00    O/D Meetings
  • 9:45    Early Outs
  • 10:00 Practice
  • 2:00   O/D Meetings
  • 2:45   Early Outs
  • 3:00   Practice
Let's Ride

CJFL Prairie Football Conference Members

A pair of national championships and an impressive list of players who went on to professional careers are obvious success stories in the history of the Calgary Colts. For long time General Manager Keith Evans and other volunteers who serve the junior football club, the biggest victory has been providing young men aged 17-22 years a chance to play at a highly competitive level.

The present-day club evolved from the North Hill Colts, who competed in the Alberta Junior Football League (AJFL) with the Calgary Mohawks, Edmonton Huskies and Edmonton Wildcats.

colts who’ve turned pro


Darcy Kopp, Ian Franklin, John Forzani, Randy Bec, Blair Zerr, Wayne Conrad, Willie Thomas, Ken Whitney, Steve Thompson, Doug Carlson, Lyle Bauer, Mark Clarke, Cooper Harris, Darcy Kopp, Dave Chayters, Rob Prodanovic, Glen Music, Mike Hildebrand, Scott Diebert, Pat Hinds, Kevin Stroud, Tom Trifaux, Harry Kruger, Brent Walker, Ian Hewitt, Travis Arnold, Tyler Lynem, Lorrie Henderson, Matt Lambros, Johnny Forzani, Spenser Wilson and Jermaine Gabriel.

National Champions


Always competitive, the Colts captured their first national championship in 1989. Under the direction of head coach Keith Kendall, the Colts finished fourth in the regular season and then shocked Regina and Saskatoon in the playoffs. The Colts staged another upset in the Canadian Bowl, defeating the favored Burlington Tiger Cats 23-6 at McMahon Stadium.

National Champions


The following year the Colts placed second in the regular season and beat the Hilltops in overtime at McMahon Stadium in the semifinals. Calgary then beat the Rams at Regina to win the conference. The playoff trail was long in 1990 as the Colts beat the no. 1 Surrey Rams at Vancouver and the Thunder Bay Giants in a game at Winnipeg. The Colts then rolled to a 50-15 win over the host Windsor AKO to claim their second consecutive Canadian Bowl.

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