There was an air of “satisfaction” outside the Calgary Colts dressing room Saturday night, after their 37 – 17 victory over the visiting Edmonton Huskies. But, to a man, the Colts know that once they have enjoyed the fruits of this victory, the “real” season begins.


“We played a solid 48 minutes of football tonight,” stated Head Coach Matt “Snoop” Blokker, “But when we didn’t, bad things happened. We had a bad stretch late in the second quarter and that cost us ten points.” He was referring to a fumble on a punt return and a muffed placement on a field goal attempt. Despite those gaffes, the Colts still held a 27 – 11 halftime lead.


“We’ve got to get better,” asserts Coach Snoop, ”We have to improve our team play and we have to be more disciplined.” He was probably referring to a series late in the second quarter when a series of penalties cost the team dearly. On the same drive, two touchdowns were called back; there were so many penalties called in a row that the line of scrimmage moved from inside the red zone to their side of center field.


The Colts are now 4 – 2 and prepare to host the 4 – 2 Regina Thunder, coming off a bye week. The Sunday afternoon showdown will determine second place in the conference and establish which team will host the semi-final playoff game two weeks later. With respect to the prospect of hosting a home playoff game, Team President Mike Tuff said that that would be “real special.”


Let the “real” season begin . . .