The “air” outside the Calgary Colts dressing room Sunday afternoon was decidedly different than it had been a week before. Last game the team celebrated a victory; on Sunday they acknowledged that they had come in a bit short, on the losing end of a 30 -20 score against the Regina Thunder. And, they did not like the taste of losing such an important game.


“Give them credit,” stated Head Coach Matt “Snoop” Blokker, “they are a good team and they played well. We had chances, but we didn’t convert enough of them.” Coach Blokker then went on to describe what likely was the turning point of the game. Late in the 4th quarter (less than 8 minutes left), with the teams tied at 20, a fake punt was called. Kicker #12 Kyle Byrne had a convoy of three blockers leading him around the right side of the line. Unfortunately, a Thunder player knifed his way through and stymied the play. The turnover led to the eventual winning touchdown.


Statistically, the turnover battle between the two teams was tied at three apiece. Unfortunately, the Thunder made their mistakes in the first half, while the Colts suffered all of theirs in the second. The final one, the ball was knocked out of quarterback #13 John Keisman’s hands, snuffed out any chance of a dramatic last minute comeback.


The Colts are now 4 – 3 and travel to Saskatoon to take on the undefeated Hilltops on October 11. The Colts can finish no higher than third and have lost any chance of hosting a semi-final game. Depending on the results of next weekend’s action, a return match will be in order – at this time, we don’t know whether it will be against the Hilltops or the Thunder. Either way, for now, the playoff road leads into Saskatchewan.