August 9, 2014



Message from the Calgary Colts Team President:


Parents, Family, friends and fans, on behalf of the Calgary Colts, and the Board of Directors I would like to welcome you to Calgary Colts Football for this 2014 season.

As alumni, and your President I am very excited to be included in this very exciting new and important chapter for the team, the Calgary Colts Parents Committee.


The Calgary Colts are entering into its 49th season this year, and without the contribution of many parents and volunteers like yourselves this team wouldn’t have made it past 5 years of existence.

Under Coach Snoop, and his new coaching staff I expect 2014 to be one of our best seasons ever, and I look forward to enjoying a season of success alongside all the parents cheering on the Calgary Colts.


Mike Tuff; Alumni (87-89) – President Calgary Colts


Calgary Colts Football Family, Friends and Fans (FFF), welcome to the 2014 season!


As Co-Chair for the Calgary Colts Parents (FFF) committee I would like to let you know who we are and how we are planning to support our team this year.


Who we are:

We are a group of people (FFF) like you and me, participating in activities that will help support our Colts to meet their goals this season and seasons to come.


How we will support our team:

  • • We will be sending a weekly update communication (email, Website, Twitter, Facebook) outlining:

o   Announcements, upcoming events

o   This week’s schedule

o   How we can use your help

o   Coaches corner

o   Colt of the week


  • • We will be your liaison between coaches, staff and board of directors for any questions you may have.
  • • We will coordinate the game day roles (tickets, 50/50, merchandise, rally/cheer section)
  • • We will participate in fundraising activities (Stamps games 50/50, bingos, casinos)
  • • We will help where the team needs us (ie. photos and film at practice. Etc!)
  • • We will  contribute to the season closing event and playoff banquets


 Help us make this season super successful!

Please contact

Let us know how you would like to participate. Everyone is welcome!