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Rudy Inspires Colts Faithful

Rudy Ruettiger, the man who inspired the 1993 movie rated as the #1 most inspirational sports movie of all time, was the keynote speaker at the 3rd annual Calgary Colts fundraising dinner held at the Metropolitan Center last night (April 22).


The Notre Dame Fighting Irish legend (with 27 seconds of playing time and one quarterback sack in his career) captured and held the full attention of his audience for an extended period of time with his message of positive thinking and relationship building, as exemplified by his own life experiences, including finding a rush replacement for an expired passport to make the trip to Calgary. It seemed that no one wanted the presentation to end – Rudy seemed to feed off the energy in the room, while his audience sat in fully engaged silence. It was a marvelous experience, enjoyed by all.


A live auction and the completion of the silent auction brought the evening to a close. Proceeds of the event are still being tabulated, but the Colts are truly appreciative of the support received this year, given the challenging economic conditions in the city and region.


The coaching staff now turns its attention to final preparations for Spring Camp slated for May 6 – 8. They, and the rest of those of us in attendance, will likely have Rudy’s words “positive, positive, positive” reverberating in our minds for some time to come. What a great theme upon which to launch the season!