There’s plenty to talk about after the Thanksgiving Sunday football game between our Calgary Colts and the Saskatoon Hilltops at Saskatoon Minor Football field. Much of that talk revolves around turkey:


– First of all, it was a turkey of a day, warm (15 degrees) but overcast with on and off showers. The wind was reported at 42            km/hr with gusts up to 58 km/hr.


– Many will be tempted to put an asterisk beside the Colts 34-4 win. They will point out that the defending national               champions and this season’s league leaders with a perfect 7-0 mark, having clinched home field advantage, had nothing left to play for. Fine, they wanted to rest some starters and reduce the risk of injury, but they were still hmm, hmm, the home team defending an undefeated season. Let the feast begin.


– John Madden, the famous American football broadcaster, liked to give turkey legs to deserving players during the American Thanksgiving holiday. If we did the same up here, they would have to go to the Colts offensive line. Especially after the Hilltop starters retreated, they manhandled the poor turkeys (no disrespect intended) that Saskatoon threw in. It was an impressive performance.


– #24 Dylan Minshull can have any remaining part of the turkey that he wants. He put on a monster three touchdown performance and gobbled up yards behind that offensive line. It was exactly the kind of ball possession that the Colts needed in the tough weather conditions.


– # 13 John Keisman and his receivers deserve some of the finer parts remaining on the carcass. They moved the wet ball effectively when they had to.


– #5 Bailey Wasdel performed well at quarterback after he relieved Keisman. Save him the neck, if he wants it. Oops, the turkey has been consumed and there’s none left for the defense or for special teams. Hopefully, someone back in Calgary will look after them, because they are worthy of recognition as well. Overall, it may have been the best team performance of the season, just in time for the playoffs.


In summary, the Colts took care of business in Saskatoon. They clinched third place and have earned the right to travel to Regina to face the Thunder next Sunday afternoon. Enjoy the turkey, boys, and the potatoes and the stuffing and the cranberry sauce . . . you earned it!