Talk about entertainment value!


Fans at McMahon were treated to a full 60 minute game culminated with a beautiful pass from quarterback #13 John Keisman to veteran receiver #88 Coel Bazinet for the winning touchdown on the final play of the game.


The game featured more emotional highs and lows than the rollercoaster at Calaway Park. The Colts started slowly, building a 4 – 0 lead before the Wildcats replied with their first touchdown. The Colts responded and carried an 11 – 10 lead into halftime.


At halftime, the team served cake, in honour of the 82nd birthday of General Manager Keith Evans.


In the second half, neither team could build much momentum, but the Wildcats were persistent in clawing their way down the field, taking a 17 – 11 lead. The Colts mustered one field goal and then missed a chance to tie the game on a 4th quarter attempt. That set the stage for the last minute dramatics.


Keisman needed to execute the two minute drill to perfection to move the team from their side of centre field to paydirt. At one point he delivered a solid pass to Bazinet, who could not squeeze it, in part due to a jolting hit by a Wildcat d-back. The Colts were positioned at the 30 yard line with 0:02 left on the clock when Keisman hoisted a 28 yard pass. Bazinet corralled it and carried his defender into the end zone with him to get fans to their feet and to start the post-game celebrations.


The win raises the Colts’ season mark to 3 and 2, allowing them to keep pace with the Saskatoon Hilltops and Regina Thunder in the Prairie Conference.