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Update week of Sept. 22, 2014


“Success is not final, failure is not fatal, it is the courage to continue that counts”                         Sir Winston Churchill   


Announcements/ Reminders:


  • • Year End Banquet – save the date: Sat. Nov. 15, details will follow!


  • • Important: Fees are due for all players. Please contact Paul Dimini for payment arrangements:


  • • Practices/ Schedule this week :
    • Tuesday – Friday regular practice schedule
    • Sat bus leaves for Regina 8:00 AM sharp


  • • Player reminder: 50/50 Stamps game Sat. game at 7:30 PM (for those not travelling)


  • • Game #6 – Sept. 21 1:00 PM @Regina Thunder. Join us at Hudson’s Taphouse downtown to watch the game! Enjoy Colt’s Family, friends and fans specials.


Coaches Corner Coach Snoop says:


Bye Week: The bye week couldn’t have come at a better time, for everyone needed to rest mentally and physically, and well the snow as well….. I want to thank all the fans for the great support you have been giving us at the games; the last few home games have been terrific! However, we still need your continuous support for our away and home games, because we wouldn’t be able to do it without you. The players feed off the energy you and shank show bring to the games and we thank you for it!


Players can’t wait to get back to work and continue with the great vibe that we started in our last couple of weeks.


*First meeting with players to talk about scholarships!!* 


Colt(s) of the Bye-Week:



Coach Snoop: The colts defence is Colt of the week because of how they continuously improve and dominate. Last home game they had 84 plays and with those 84 plays managed to get 3 touch downs. They got the team amped up and got everyone’s head in the game to make it the game it was. The special teams and offense feed off the defence making everyone want to make each play count. I am very impressed with them and this is why the entire defense is Colt of the week! Keep it up boys!!


Pre-Game last week: Number one we have had an exceptional week of practice and the boys seem to be coming together and transforming more and more into 1beat. We are really excited for the game this Sunday. We are well rested and ready to make some big hits. We are excited for our game versus the Hilltops for this will be one of our biggest challenges of the year!

Thank you again to all the fans who continue to come out, we are excited to play in front of you again for one last time this season; hopefully making it count. Continue to make some noise and support our boys!


Players the thing that we must focus on for this week is DISCIPLINE! We need to have the most discipline on Sunday that we have ever had. Don’t take stupid penalties!


Post-game: Everybody practice Tuesday night 6:45 on the field. Thanks for all the Friends, family, and fans that came out and supported us at our game Sunday.



Colt of the Week:



NAME: Colton Burr


POSITION:  Sam line backer

AGE: 18



COACH SNOOP’S COMMENT:  Colton Burr is player of the week because he has demonstrated this week in practice:  discipline. He is leading completely by example at every practice. His skills on defence and special teams have been exceptional. I feel Burr is the perfect candidate for Colt of the Week because he is always improving and leading my example. Keep Grinding Burr!


POSITION COACH:  Coach Biagio is one of Burr’s Position Coaches. Colton is a very coachable player. He listens well and asks questions when unsure. He works hard every day to improve himself. He is athletic and has a great football sense in reading plays. He is a confident player and it’s hard to believe he is only 18 years old! For a rookie he meets the expectations for a seasoned starter. Burr has a very bright future ahead of himself! Keep it up Burr!


Coach Strav is Colton’s other position coach. I believe Colton Burr deserves player of the week because he has been our most consistent defensive player all year. He plays special teams and defence with the intensity and smarts; he has become respected amongst his players by how he plays and with his ‘team first’ mentality. He never complains and is always participating on the field as a starter or scout special teams player to help his peers get better. Whether healthy or not, he is ready to go, his work ethic to get better every week is unquestionable. We are really excited about Colton’s future with the Calgary Colts. Great Job Colton!




WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE MEMORY OR MOMENT BEING A COLT:  I would have to say my most favorite memory for being a colt would have to be our first win against the Huskies. Everyone was just so happy and it a honour to win one for the guys who were on the team last year. 


WHAT ARE YOU MOST LOOKING FORWARD TOO IN THIS 2014 SEASON:  I am looking forward for the last home game and improving every week and getting better in our plays 


WHO’S YOUR FOOTBALL IDOL? I don’t have a favorite football idol but my last meal would have to be shrimp and crab with lasagna with some cookies and cream ice cream for dessert. I just really love seafood.



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