Calgary Colts Family, Friends and Fans

Update week of Oct. 27, 2014


Announcements/ Reminders:

  • Banquet Details:




When: Sat Nov. 15 , 5:30 (reception) – 9:30 PM (approximately)

Where: The Metropolitan Conference Center 333-4th Ave. SW

Why: To celebrate our successful season and recognize contributions!

Who: Everyone welcome!

Players (who have paid their fees) Coaches, Staff, Board members – ticket cost covered (BUT NEED RSVP)

Guests- Tickets $75.00 (NEED TO RSVP and purchase in advance if possible. See ticket purchase detail below


Reception: 5:30-6:30 Registration, Cash bar (ticket purchase), Buy your Colts merchandise (Christmas gifts!)

Dinner: 6:30-7:30 served

Program/Awards: 7:30-9:30


First and second course: Caesar salad, Lasagna and buns

Third course: Fillet Mignon with mushroom glaze and grilled chicken breast with roasted potatoes and seasonal vegetables

Desert course: Coffee, tea and white chocolate mousse

Special Dietary Requirements: Please advise at time of RSVP and accommodations will be made with best efforts!

Dress Code: Semi Formal suggested


  • Congratulations for the great run Colts Players, Coaches and Staff! Thank you for this fantastic season! We enjoyed every minute!
  • From you Family, Friends and Fans


  • Upcoming Events:

Habitat for Humanity – build houses! Thank you to the players and coaches whom have signed up for this great giving back event. The date is Friday Nov 21. Details will be posted on the community tab on the website.


Coaches Corner Coach Snoop says: 


I’m proud of our guys for all the hard work and effort that they put into this season. They made the decision to turn the season around and decided it was worth the fight. Their work ethic and effort is something to be proud of. These guys transformed into the 1Beat I knew they could be. I am proud of the season we had and the effort we put forward, I look forward to further developing and building upon this next season.


All I can say to our guys for last game is Pride! In the last game, our guys played hard, fought hard, and gave it our all, but sadly we weren’t as good as the Hilltops and they managed to play better than us. We can’t be too disappointed with our end result, for it is a big improvement from last year and we’ll just keep building upon this year’s success.


Thank you to everyone for the support that was shown towards us for the entire season, especially in playoffs. We couldn’t be 1Beat without you. I already look forward for next season and what our fans, friends and families along with the team will produce for next year!


Thank you very much to EVERYONE!!


Colt of the Week




COACH SNOOP’S COMMENT: Every single Colts player did a fantastic job. You can’t pick out a single individual who didn’t work there butts off to make it as far as we did. I just love the Colts. I just love the way that we fought and didn’t allow what others thought of us affect us in a negative way, but helped us strive to become better and make it to the PFC championships. These boys proved that wearing a Calgary Colts jersey matters and they also brought respect to the jersey. We may not have finished 1st; however, teams are now aware of how strong the Colts 1Beat is and we will be a force to be reckoned with for next season. Keep grinding boys!


November Colt babies

Wish these Colts players a happy birthday!

     coltsbulletpointJevon Cottoy – 18

     coltsbulletpointShamar Donelson – 18

     coltsbulletpointBrad McCuaig – 19

     coltsbulletpointJakub Jakoubek – 20

     coltsbulletpointTyler Machart – 20

     coltsbulletpointTariq Lachance – 21

     coltsbulletpointEric Chamberland – 21


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