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Update week of Oct. 20, 2014

Football is Believing

Football is Total Commitment

Football is Hard Work, Dedication and Self Sacrifice

Football is A Team that Beats with One Heart

Football is Mud, Sweat and Drive

Football is Whatever it takes

Football is What you Give – 110%

Football is Brotherhood….On and Off the Field

Football is Finding a Way to Win

Football is One Goal, One Beat


Announcements/ Reminders:

  • • Final notice DUE NOW: Fees are due for all players- Please contact Mike Tuff Team President for arrangements if required (effects eligibility for scholarships, league and team awards/ banquet etc.)
    1. CHEQUE OR CASH – pay at practice THIS WEEK (to Coach)
    2. CREDIT CARD – pay at practice THUR. THIS WEEK (to Carol)
  • •  Year End Banquet – save the date: Sat. Nov. 15, 7:00 pm (tentative may be earlier) details will follow!
  • • Practices/Schedule this week:
    • Tuesday – Friday regular practice schedule
    • Travel arrangements WIP
  • • Week # 10 – Post season playoffs Sat Oct. 18 vs Regina Thunder in Regina 7:00 PM Mosaic Stadium
  •                    Congratulations Colts. We proceed to the PFC Finals!
  • • Week # 11 – PFC Championship Game Sun. Oct. 29 1:00 PM Colts vs Saskatoon Hilltops @ Gordie Howe Bowl


Coaches Corner Coach Snoop says:



What a nail biter of a game we had against the Regina Thunder.  No one could be more proud of this team and organization; the players and coaches worked hard and never gave up hope to win the game against the Thunder and get to the PFC Championships.


Lots of people are wondering what is happening in Calgary.  We are finally in our game and we have to stay focused for one of the biggest games of our lives. We have got to stay focused and grind out another great week.


From last game I am not very happy to have 5 turn overs and you wouldn’t expect a win from that; but the defense kept fighting and giving us a chances and that is when you know you are playing as a team, as 1Beat.


Tuesday we get back at it boys! Keep your head in the game and stay focused! 


Colt of the week:



NAME: Cole Meyer   



AGE: 20


COACH SNOOP’S COMMENT:  Cole Meyer deserves Colt of the week because he stepped up when Hunchak got hurt. Meyer helped us put 20 points on the board; he was tough, kept grinding, made plays and did a fantastic job!  Keep grinding Meyers!


POSITION COACH:  Coach Couture is Cole Meyer’s position Coach. Cole Meyer deserves to be the Colt of the week because he has shown his diverse skill set, accepting a role playing receiver as well as still taking reps as Quarterback. Cole has brought energy to the offence, flying around making plays in practice.  Cole’s effort and energy in practice/games prepared him for our semi-final game in Regina.  


On Saturday night ‘1BEAT’ is what Cole Meyer demonstrated. Cole was called upon to step up for his brothers when they needed him the most. When Brett Hunchack, getting pressure and hit late on every pass attempt, was forced out of the game, Cole demonstrated his tremendous growth as a Calgary Colt. Cole was locked into who we are as a program, ‘1BEAT’! He calmly went out, competed and executed the offence making big time plays in a big time game. Making two big touchdowns saving tackles on turnovers, throwing two touchdown daggers to freshman phenom Jevon Cottoy and using his feet to put pressure on the Thunder defence. Cole Meyer was an example of his teammates ‘REFUSE TO LOSE’ mentality!  Continue to bring the effort and energy to practice this week and continue to play for each-other!




WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE MEMORY OR MOMENT BEING A COLT:  Our last game against the Regina Thunder would have to be my most favorite memory/moment for it was nice to do to Regina what they did to us 2 years ago, beating us with a few seconds left.


WHAT IS THE BEST PART ABOUT BEING A COLT?  The best part about being a Colt would have to be being part of the team and being 1Beat


FAV PRE GAME MEAL:  My favorite pre-game a lot of fruit my favorite would have to be cantaloupe and strawberries and a good ole banana  


Favorite football teamMy Football team would be Green Bay Packers, because of Brett Farv. Also back when I was young I went to go see Green Bay vs. Denver with my family. My whole family roots for Denver so I decided to go against them and cheer for the Packers, it gives for some good family rivalry. 





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