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Update week of Oct. 6, 2014

Announcements/ Reminders:


  • • DUE NOWFees are due for all players- Please contact Mike Tuff Team President for arrangements if required (effects eligibility for scholarships, league and team awards/ banquet etc.)

    1. CHEQUE OR CASH – pay at practice THIS WEEK (to Coach)
    2. CREDIT CARD – pay at practice THUR. THIS WEEK (to Carol)
  • • DUE NOW: Year End Banquet – save the date: Sat. Nov. 15, 7:00 pm, details will follow!
  • • Game #7 (wk. 8) – Oct. 4 Colts vs Edmonton Wildcats @ Clark Park 7:00 PM
  • Congrads to our Colts for another huge W I N!
  • • Practices/ Schedule this week :
    • Tuesday – Friday regular practice schedule
    • Sat bus leaves for Edmonton @noon.
  • • Game # 8 ( wk #9) – Oct. 11 Colts vs Edmonton Huskies @ Clark Park 7:00 PM


Coaches Corner Coach Snoop says:

What can I say! The boys are keeping us alive, the further we go into this season the more we are becoming 1Beat. It is truly some excellence starting to develop on the field. The game this week, we covered the point spread and really came out on top tonight. We showed the Wildcats what the Colts are really about tonight. Boys, we just have to get one more win to make it to playoffs! Keep your head in the game and stay focused for our next game against the Huskies. Proud of you boys #1Beat.


Colt of the week



NAME: Jevon Cottoy 



AGE: 17



COACH SNOOP’S COMMENT:  You don’t need many reasons for why Jevon Cottoy should be player of the week. All I have to say is Jevon a PLAY MAKER!


POSITION COACH:  Coach Slaght is Jevon’s position coach. Jevon is more than deserving to be Colt of the week for he continuously improves. He has become our go to receiver, because he able to make plays. Jevon is one of the ones we can count on for big plays. And for a 17 year old he is acting like a 22 year old right now! Jevon keep it up and keep making those big plays!


HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN A COLT:  Rookie, 1st year


WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE MEMORY OR MOMENT BEING A COLT:  My favorite moment is last week when I scored my very first touchdown of the season against the Regina Thunder! It was an amazing feeling for myself and the team; for it gave us that faith we needed that we could still win and make it to playoffs, and we are keeping that dream alive.


WHAT IS THE BEST PART ABOUT BEING A COLT?  The best part about being a Colt is the feeling that no matter what happens on the field you know the player next to you has your back and believes in you.  We are really becoming 1Beat and it’s going to be a force to be reckoned with.


FAV PRE GAME MEAL:  My favorite pre-game meal would have to be curry chicken and rice because it gives me more than enough energy to perform at my best


WHO’S YOUR FOOTBALL IDOL AND WHY?  My Football idol would have to be Randy Moss because he’s a leader that allows his actions to speak and lead for themselves rather than vocalizing them.  


Happy birthday to:


September Colts:

     coltsbulletpointTrea Hande – 18

     coltsbulletpointColton Burr – 18

     coltsbulletpointLucas Flaviano – 19

     coltsbulletpointSerge Archambault – 19

     coltsbulletpointJosh Evan – 21

     coltsbulletpointAlex Simpson – 22


October Colts:

     coltsbulletpointMarhsal Broom – 21

     coltsbulletpointBrett Hunchak – 19

     coltsbulletpointNate Kettles – 21

     coltsbulletpointEric Patterson – 20

     coltsbulletpointScott Richardson – 18

     coltsbulletpointConner Robinson – 20

     coltsbulletpointTre Wright– 19

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