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Update week of Sept. 29, 2014


“The strength of the group is the strength of the leaders.”                         ~Vince Lombardi~



Announcements/ Reminders:


  • • Year End Banquet – save the date: Sat. Nov. 15, details will follow!


  • • Important: Fees are due for all players. Please contact Paul Dimini for payment arrangements:


  • • Practices/ Schedule this week :
    • Tuesday – Friday regular practice schedule
    • Sat bus leaves for Edmonton TBD!!! Watch for notice later this week.


  • • Game #6 – Sept. 21 1:00 PM @Regina Thunder. Great turnout at Hudson’s Taphouse downtown to watch the game! Congrads to our Colts for the W I N!


  • • Game #7 (wk. 8) – Oct. 4 Colts vs Edmonton Wildcats @ Clark Park 7:00 PM 


               Lots of Family, Friends and fans are making the trip up North. However RSVP and if there is enough interest we will do the Hudson’s Taphouse game watch. again!



Coaches Corner Coach Snoop says:



This week we are very excited to play against the Regina Thunder. They are ranked as the number one National team right now.

From last week’s game against the Edmonton Wildcats all I have to say is we are looking forward to playing against them again and show our progress and our performance as being 1Beat!

All I can say to the players is keep grinding, we can’t lose our will. Remember No Excuses and No Apologies!



I am extremely proud of the players tonight. We won against the top ranked national team. Tonight the Colts were 1Beat and everyone could see it. We didn’t allow ourselves to be intimidated by the Thunder’s placing, which I feel worked in our advantage. We are very excited about this win, but we have to keep our head in the game and focused for our next game against the Edmonton Wildcats. Physically we are where we need to be and just have to keep it up. Proud of you boys #1Beat! 



Colt of the Week:



NAME: Brett Hunchak



AGE: 18



COACH SNOOP’S COMMENT:  The player of the week this week has to go to Brett Hunchak, for he has proven his dedication towards the team along with great focus all year round. He is always able to make plays. He has been very inspiring. Don’t worry about perception! Keep Grinding Hunchak!


POSITION COACH:  Coach Couture is Brett’s position coach. Brett Hunchak deserves to be Calgary Colt of the week because he has shown perseverance and has lead by example this week. Brett has the potential to be one of the top quarterbacks in the nation. He has battled through injuries that have sidelined him; however, he followed and listened to our tremendous medical staff to get him healthy and get his swagger back. Brett has come out this week and shown competitiveness, poise, preparation and focus. This has led to the best week by the quarterbacks due to the healthy competition. Keep it up Brett! 




WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE MEMORY OR MOMENT BEING A COLT:  I would have to say my favorite memory/moment would have to be todays (Sept 28th) game win today. We beat the number one national team, the Regina Thunders, today and it was their first time back playing on home field. It feels great to have gotten this win today!


WHAT IS THE BEST PART ABOUT BEING A COLT?:  I would have to say the best thing about being a Colt would have to be being part of 1Beat, you could really see it in our game today and it was awesome. Also being part of the Colts team gives you a second family to be a part of which is also awesome as well. 


FAV PRE GAME MEAL:  II would have to say my favorite pre game meal would have some good ole Italian made pasta! 


WHO’S YOUR FOOTBALL IDOL AND WHY?:  My football idol would have to be Tom Brady because he knows how to win. 



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