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Update week of Aug 25, 2014


“It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog”                    Archie Griffen


Announcements/ Reminders:


  • • Important: Fees are due for all players. Information to follow shortly…..(how to pay who to pay when etc.) 


  • • Sponsor a Colt: Form will be available to players this week to pursue fee sponsorship


  • • Edge Opening Event last week: We are in our new home and happy!!


  • • Game #2 Aug. 24 Sunday @ Winnipeg Rifles @ 1:00 PM CDT/ 12:00 MDT)


    • Players not travelling with the team, Family, Friends and Fans gathered at our Sponsor; Hudson’s Canadian Taphouse Downtown to see the game. Thank-you to all for the great turnout! And thanks to the Colts for all the great giveaways of Colt gear!


  • • Game #3 Aug. 31 Sunday vs Winnipeg Rifles @ 1:00 PM Shouldice Stadium Hellard Field


    • If you can help we need ticket takers, 50/50 and Merchandise sellers – let us know!
    • Tickets are avail on the web site or will be on sale at Hellard
    • Colts Merchandise will be available for sale


  • • Practices/ Schedule this week :
    • Mon. no practice
    • Tue. – Fri. – regular practice schedul
    • Sunday Game!


Coaches Corner Coach Snoop says:


Early in the week: We are excited for our road trip to Winnipeg. We are also excited to try and get out first win of the season. For the Players, don’t take stupid penalties!


Post-game: I feel we really came together and played better in the second half! Unfortunately we did leave a big gap to conquer between us and the Rifles and we did our best to overcome it.


Attention: There are still a few players that need Jobs and billets, if you or anyone you know is able to help the players with these things it would be greatly appreciated! Contact and they will hook you up!



Colt of the Week:



NAME: Marshal Broom



AGE: 20


COACH SNOOP’S COMMENT: I felt these past two weeks Broom really put himself to work. I thought he kicked very well in our first game against the Edmonton Wildcats. I believe he was one of the busiest players on the field. All I have to say to Broom is, to continue working hard and doing what you’re doing!


POSITION COACH: Coach Matich is Marshal Broom’s position coach.  Broom had a fantastic week of practice last week. Really stroke the football for first punts. He was injured earlier in practice with a slight groin pull but he has really come on in the last week of practice. While in the game he did a great job of placing the ball, he punted where we, the coaches, wanted the ball with every kick he made; even though it might not have looked that way. Broom has a great work ethic and does what coaches ask, we really couldn’t ask for anything better. One play that we’d like to take notice of for the Edmonton Wildcats game was when the ball was over snapped and Broom thought on his feet and kicked the ball out to make it a dead ball; it truly takes a guy with a strong mentality to think of that especially with the opposing team breathing down your neck and chasing after you and the ball to keep calm and think on your feet.





My most memorable moment as a colt is when 2 years ago I made the game winning field goal in Saskatoon, it was such a rush.



The thing I am most excited for this season is the Colts coming together as a family, building new friendships, and looking forward to see how the team performs in big moments. 


WHO’S YOUR FOOTBALL IDOL? Matt Pratter kicker from the Broncos would have to be my football idol. Pratter is amazing in his position as a place kicker and I strive to be like him one day.



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