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Update week of Aug 18, 2014


“The will to win is important, but the will to prepare is vital”                    Joe Peterno


“Wins and losses come a dime a dozen. But effort?

Nobody can judge that. Because effort is between you and you”                 Ray Lewis


Announcements/ Reminders:

  • • Important: Fees are due for all players. Information to follow shortly…..


  • • Game #1 Aug. 16 , 2014 McMahon Stadium @7:00PM vs Edmonton Wildcats


    • ○ Thank-you to all our fantastic volunteers!! (The Woods, Theresa Lor, Marj Hunchak, the McCools, Ann, the Tuffs, Jill Flack, the Williams) And a special thanks to Felicia Leask for providing our colts with the team bracelettes.
    • ○ Attendance: We had nearly 800 Family, Friends and Fans at McMahon!
    • ○ 50/50 : The Colts Organization and the draw winner each took in over $800.00 each.


  • • Game #2 Aug. 24 Sunday @ Winnipeg Rifles @ 1:00 PM CDT/ 12:00 MDT)


    • ○ Watch the game: Players not travelling with the team, Family, Friends and Fans gather at our Sponsor; Hudson’s Canadian Taphouse Crowfootto see the game. Husdon’s will Webcast the game for us. Game day specials will be in effect! More info to follow!


    • ○ Also Present your Calgary Colts ticket stub from Saturday’s game @ Hudson’s Crowfoot or Downtown to receive $4 Hudson’s Pints and 20% off food. $4 pints valid only until 8pm. Discount on regular priced food only. Valid 7 days from game day.


  • • Game #3 Aug. 31 Sunday vs Winnipeg Rifles @ 1:00 PM Shouldice Stadium Hellard Field


    • ○ If you can help we need ticket takers, 50/50 and Merchandise sellers – let us know!
    • ○ Tickets are avail on the web site or will be on sale at Hellard
    • ○ Colts Merchandise will be available for sale


  • • Practices/ Schedule this week :
    • ○ Mon. Aug 18 – Move to Edge Facility. Everyone welcome 7:00 PM to celebrate!
    • ○ Tue. Aug. 19 – Fri. Aug. 22 @ Edge ( taping 4:30, meeting 5:55, on field 6:45)
    • ○ Sat. Aug. 23 – Travel day. Coach will distribute Itineraries this week to those who are travelling.


Coaches Corner:

Coach Snoop says:

• EXCITEMENT, EXCITEMENT and EXCITEMENT! We’re finally here, after a long off season, we are just excited to play our first game and to finally hit someone in a different jersey. Players, all we care about this week is heart. We want to prove to each other, man-to-man, that a team is more important than being an individual. I would like to say that I am very proud of our player’s work ethic for this first game

• The Calgary Colts would like to welcome everyone to attend the move to the Edge field Monday August 18 @7pm. This event is a huge moment for the Colts, for they now have a place to call their home. The Colts would love to share this moment with Family, Friends, Fans, and Alumni.


Colt of the Week:



NAME: Jakub Jakoubed


POSITION: Defensive Line Backer

AGE: 19


COACH SNOOP’S COMMENT: When we talk about heart for this week Jakub exhibits it to a T in every day practice; not only on defense but on all the special teams he’s on as well. Jakub always shows heart for his team and the game. He has also shown incredible leadership for being a young guy, which is quite remarkable and makes it a deserving recognition for the Colt of the Week!


POSITION COACH: Coach Stavro is Jakub’s position Coach. Jakub deserves Colt of the week because he brings a lot of energy and youth to our team, is explosive, and not scared to get his nose dirty. Jakub also embraces the little violence that is within the game and uses it to his advantage. Jakub Jakoubek is the future of our Colts defense and is an excellent candidate for Colt of the week.





The thing I am most excited for this season is the Colts coming together as a family and having everyone working with each other to achieve our 1 beat!


WHO’S YOUR FOOTBALL IDOL? Ray Lewis is my football idol because he has not only gains experience through the good times but from the worst experiences too. Lewis only preaches positive messages and never dwells on the bad experiences but instead learns from them!


Colt August Babies!


Wish these Colts players a happy birthday!

     coltsbulletpointGary Pinchak-18

     coltsbulletpointCody Thompson – 18

     coltsbulletpointPhilp Miskin – 19

     coltsbulletpointCoel Bazinet – 20

     coltsbulletpointCole Meyer – 20

     coltsbulletpointEli Hankinson – 22




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