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Update week of Oct. 13, 2014


Show class, have pride, and display character. If you do, winning takes care of itself.                                                                                                Paul “Bear” Bryan


Announcements/ Reminders:


  • • DUE NOWFees are due for all players- Please contact Mike Tuff Team President for arrangements if required (effects eligibility for scholarships, league and team awards/ banquet etc.)

      1. CHEQUE OR CASH – pay at practice THIS WEEK (to Coach)
      2. CREDIT CARD – pay at practice THUR. THIS WEEK (to Carol)
  • •  Year End Banquet – save the date: Sat. Nov. 15, 7:00 pm (tentative may be earlier) details will follow!
  • • Practices/Schedule this week:
      • Tuesday – Friday regular practice schedule
      • Travel arrangements WIP – Email will be sent with final plans as soon as they are confirmed
  • • Game #8 (wk. 9) – Oct. 11 Colts vs Edmonton Wildcats @ Clark Park 7:00 PM
  •                    WINNERS!! Colts advance to PFC Playoff Semi Finals!!
  • Week #10 – Post season playoffs Sat Oct. 18 vs Regina Thunder in Regina 7:00 PM Mosaic Stadium


Coaches Corner Coach Snoop says:

We are going to play offs baby!!

This week would have to be one of our best weeks. I’d like to thank all the friends, fans, and families who made the trip out to Edmonton. It was awesome to have people supporting and cheering us on! It helped us stay motivated for the win.


All I can say for last game is that I am very very proud of the boys. For they are improving tremendously and are proving that we are 1Beat, and this 1Beat is a force not to be messed with. All we can continue to do is play as a team and support one another to further ourselves for the national CJFL game.


I couldn’t be more proud of the boys, these last 3 games on the road, we stayed focused and kept our eye on the prize. Their effort and motivation kept us in the game. Congratulations boys, let’s stay focused and motivated, get ready for these play offs and kick some butt!


For this upcoming Playoff game on Saturday, we need to jump on the opportunities and chances, and push through to make it OUR game! We need to continue what we are doing and just stay focused and don’t allow the pressure of play-offs to get the better of us. For we have really come around and having placed 3rd in PFC conference, I believe we can go all the way, as long as our heart and mind are in it!!!


Colt of the week:



NAME: Xavier Ramsay



AGE: 18



COACH SNOOP’S COMMENT: Xavier Ramsay deserves to be Colt of the week because he runs very hard and is explosive. Ramsay is nothing but a ball of positive energy, he fires our team up in any situation. He also rushed for 115 yards last game. Keep grinding Ramsay!


POSITION COACH: Coach Craig is Xavier’s position coach. Xavier deserves to be Colt of the week because of his work ethic and ability to fight through adversity and the injuries he has had this year. He started this year shaky and he could have faded, but instead he put in the work at practice and has become a huge part of our offence. Xavier is a guy who is always asking questions so that he understands his position and offense better. Xavier is a small guy that plays as big as anyone else on the team. We have never had an issue asking him to take on guys that are much bigger than him when we needed to win. Last Saturday night Xavier ran hard and led the team in rushing.




WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE MEMORY OR MOMENT BEING A COLT: My favorite moment/memory thus far for being a Colt would have to be this past win against Edmonton Huskies, which landed us a spot in play offs this year


WHAT IS THE BEST PART ABOUT BEING A COLT? The best part about being a Colt would have to be us as a team and focusing on our one goal of winning the national championship.


FAV PRE GAME MEAL: My favorite pre-game meal would have to be spaghetti with some good ole meatballs


WHO’S YOUR FOOTBALL IDOL AND WHY? My Football idol would have to be Ray Rice because he is one of the shorter running backs and tears up the league sometimes.


Happy Birthday to our October Colts:

     coltsbulletpointMarhsal Broom – 21

     coltsbulletpointBrett Hunchak – 19

     coltsbulletpointNate Kettles – 21

     coltsbulletpointEric Patterson – 20

     coltsbulletpointScott Richardson – 18

     coltsbulletpointConner Robinson – 20

     coltsbulletpointTre Wright– 19


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